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  • Voodoo

    antigua.jpgNot being able to help yourself from imagining how hot it must be under those voodoo wizard costumes that are donned by some of the facetious people attending the 1st Test Match in Antigua.


    (one year ago)

  • Crikey

    crikey_.jpgNursing the feeling that everyone politely looks in another direction when you start making pungent cricket-related wisecracks.

  • Epiphany

    epiph.jpegSuddenly figuring out that no one actually reads these posts.

  • Spoilsport

    neil-halstead-palindrome-hunches-450.jpgFeeling slightly irked that your ivory-towerish Marksonian series of aphorisms has actually been read by someone, and even spoiled by an untimely, unseemly comment in French.

  • Daft detour

    zero.jpgGiving one's best shot to zero in on original topic by pasting ridiculous Getty Images owned photograph onto one's own FB wall.