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  • Zaventem

    good.pngBeing crestfallen that the BBC should have found no other witness of the Brussels Zaventem terror attack than this Swissport employee who seems to have claimed, “It doesn't look good”.

  • At the grocer's

    cock_robin-the_promise_you_made_s_1.jpgWondering if anyone has overheard you singing to one of the crappiest pop songs ever as you were putting the broccoli down on the conveyor belt.

  • Irksome

    windows-movie-maker-2012-08-535x535.pngThe sheer pointlessness of having bothered to record one of your ludicrous improvised translations in your office at work and of then being tormented no end by the irksome ineffectiveness of the editing software.

  • Lunch time

    0290017105898422-c2-photo-oYToyOntzOjE6InciO2k6NjU2O3M6NToiY29sb3IiO3M6NzoiI0ZGRkZGRiI7fQ==-recette-pas-a-pas-du-clafouti-aux-cerises.jpgBiting ever so cautiously into your slice of clafoutis for fear of breaking your teeth on a hidden stone.

  • Happy norm

    whybehappywhenyoucouldbenormal_jeanette_winterson.jpg The moment  when, having checked on the French translation of a book by Jeanette Winterson in order to prepare a set of documents for a Translation Studies class, you realize that, a) the translation is appalling, b) you have four Facebook friends in common with the translator.

  • Snilmerge

    1300w-30792_Stunt_Puppet_Brain_Gremiln_04.jpgNever getting around to confessing that you've in fact never watched Gremlins because you were always too scared to have a go.

  • John

    article-1217965-06744C9B000005DC-820_468x569.jpgThe awed gaze of male students who have been discussing private matters in a very loud voice while never thinking that you, their methodology instructor, could be in the nearest can taking a crap.