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  • Diaerhesis

    diaeresis-323.jpgThat deepest conviction that all of the diacritics that have gradually vanished from emails and text messages have found shelter in recent completely made-up baby first-names — especially French diaereses.

  • Rice

    1884.jpgNot being certain whether the 203 seconds it takes to open the easy-to-open packet are included in the 15-17 minutes required to get your rice “cooked to perfection”.

  • Heedless

    luther_m_2.jpgWaving heedlessly at the tram as if it were a bus, and then checking that none of the other people waiting have seen how asinine you are.

  • Cherry

    nas-featuring-amy-winehouse-cherry-wine-01.jpgThe moment when you would warmly wish for Google not to add the first ‘Google Images’ results to your query because you are trying to translate such terms as staphyloma and cherry eye... and you simply do not want to see what these look like on people's or animals' skins.